'Video Games: The Movie': Preview the engaging new doc

'Video Games: The Movie': Preview the engaging new doc
Even if you aren't a diehard gamer, chances are you know someone who is. Over the last three decades or so, video games have gone from something you played in your best friend's basement to a huge, multi-billion-dollar industry with participants of all …
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How Teachers Can Use Video Games In The Humanities Classroom
We often think about game-based learning as if video games can become robotic teachers. In the same way that software file systems have created more flexible and efficient file cabinets, we imagine that video games can make great instruction more …
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Interview: Harold Goldberg of the New York Video Game Critics Circle on
As one of the founders of the New York Videogames Critics Circle, the former music journalist and poet would turn his experiences into a tome entitled, All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Documenting the last fifty years of video games ascension to being …
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Video Games: The Movie has little to offer but gushy love for its subject
Video Games: The Movie opens with a graphical rush of gaming imagery that will activate some degree of nostalgia in most viewers under 50. As bits double and the images grow in complexity, the vastness of the still-young medium's history becomes clear.
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